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The intention of this page is to give as much help as possible to anyone that is wishing to load Deva generated files onto postproduction equipment.

We intend to keep this page as up-to-date as possible and to that end, would welcome any additional information or experiences you might wish to share.

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Fostex DV40


Media Magic


Firewire DVD Ram Drives



The only versions of Avid software that will read Deva DVD files directly is Avid Version 10.5 or later.

Your Avid will need a DVD RAM drive fitted to it's SCSI buss

The Avid will read BWF Poly files (16 or 24 bit width) from the DVD RAM disk

We think you can make the Avid read MONO BWF files from the Deva DVD RAM disk. There are implications within the Avid, as this means that if you have more than one track recorded (there could, of course, be up to four) it is not possible to associate the tracks greater than one together. Therefore they will not all move at the same time within the time line.

Avid Software pre version 10.5 can read Deva DVD discs, but you will need DVD-RAM Tune Up (www.softarch.com) and DOS Mounter v3.05 (www.softarch.com). Devalink (www.syence.co.uk) will be needed for Mac based machines, and AV Transfer (www.avtransfer.com) if your machine is a Windows NT version Avid.

There is an implication in having BWF Poly files delivered to the editor for synching up. Many post production machines do NOT support BWF Poly as an import format, so you need to give thought here to the autoconform and track lay.

Pro Tools

Pro Tools is becoming more popular in the UK. The latest versions will now read BWF file but older versions will only read SDII files.

Importing into Pro Tools necessitates Dos Mounter 3.05, no other version of this programme will read Deva formatted DVD discs.
DVD Ram Tune Up is also required.


Aaton Indaw 6 (which works only in Windows NT) can read Deva produced DVD RAM disks directly.

If your job is being synched up with Indaw then be aware that Indaw can read both BWF Mono and BWF Poly files, but that BWF mono files are NOT compatible with the keylink system.

At present Indaw likes to see TOD TC with breaks in the TC between shots - this is how Indaw distinguishes between the end of one shot and the start of the next.



DAR (now defunct!) reads AES 31 files, so it should be possible to get BWF files into DAR if required.

Fostex DV40

With the introduction of this new machine from Fostex, utilising Deva
produced DVD Ram disks has finally become transparent.

The DV40 is a direct replacement for a DAT machine in the post production process. It can playback files from DVD Ram disks either as 4 tracks of digital (or analogue) audio, or file transfers via Ethernet connections. This machine can be controlled by a standard RS422 interface and plays back both FAT16 and UDF formatted files. Files can be linked in PB mode so that the whole disk will chase incoming TC, for instance, from video and lock up with full sync almost instantly.

Ideal for batch digitising into Avid editors or as a stand alone file
transfer machine for Sadie or Protools audio work stations.




AVTransfer is a file conversion program written primarily for PC users. It will import and export between the industry's most popular professional workstations including Fairlight, Lightworks, Avid, Pro Tools, AMS Neve Audiofile, Final Cut Pro, Sadie, Wave Frame, Tascam, Nuendo, Akai, discreet edit and many others.

With AVTransfer you can add or extract components to or from AES31, OMF v1 & 2, AIFF, WAV, BWF, Open TL, Fairlight ML4, discreet edit and DSP Media. You can also cross convert OMF versions, fix drop frame errors and change audio sample rates and bit depths.


Media Magic

Media Magic is a file conversion program written primarily for Mac users. It will import and export between AES31, Akai, Fairlight ML, OMF 1 & 2, Protools 4.x/24, Protools 5, and Waveframe/Tascam MMR/MMP. It can read and convert from Fairlight DL, Protools 3.2, and Deva native files.



Devalink is a software solution that allows automatic transfer of audio and TC information from Deva recorded DVD RAM disks into Avid Media Composers. It reads SD2 files from DVD RAM media and creates OMF 1 or 2 sessions from them, which can then be loaded into Avid. It is designed to run on any Macintosh computer with a Power PC processor.



Firewire DVD Ram drives

Recent experience has shown that Firewire DVD Ram drives on a Mac based Pro Tools system can be problematic. The computer will format and write to and read from the drive. Unfortunately Deva formatted discs cannot be read from this DVD Ram drive. Changing to a SCSI drive solves the problem.


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