Tacet can provide the complete location kit consisting of:-

Deva II 20 bit recorder

2 x removable 20 Gig hard discs giving a total of 64 hours of mono recording
(16 hours of 4 track recording)
DVD Ram drive in an external SCSI and PSU case
4 x NP1 batteries
NP1 Battery charger
and all the connecting cables that will be needed to interface with existing
analogue sound equipment.
Flight cased in 3 Peli cases.

85.00 GBP per day

Cameo Digital location mixer

8 I/P
24 bit at 48 kHz sample rate
Dynamics and parametric EQ on each IP channel.
Interfaces directly with the Deva II recorder or as a stand alone mixer into another recorder. One of the most powerful mixers you can have on location.
Flight cased in one Peli case

95.00 GBP per day

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Fostex DV40 equipment for post production

Fostex DV40
4 track audio recorder using a built-in DVD Ram drive
Plays back FAT16 format Deva files
Records and plays back UDF format files
File transfer via Ethernet
Controlled via RS422 serial bus
Locks to EBU/SMPTE timecode within one second
A direct replacement for the studio DAT machine
19 inch rack 3U high unit, flight cased

50.00GBP per day.